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Group Fitness

We offer a wide range of classes including Boot Camp, Cycle, Tri-Fit, TRX, Yoga and ZUMBA®. We limit our class sizes so each member receives personal attention and room to enjoy their workout. If you haven’t visited yet, please sign up for five classes for free.Offer good for new members only.

  • Free Personal Training Assessment
    Schedule your free personal training assessment in our dedicated Personal Training studio, right next door to our Group Fitness studio. Contact our manager Sara at

    Animal Flow Workshop
    Come to our Animal Flow Workshop on Saturday, October 25th from 11:30 am through 1:00 pm. Animal Flow is an innovative new fitness program that combines quadrupedal and ground based movement with elements from various bodyweight-training disciplines to create a fun, challenging workout emphasizing multi-planar, fluid movement. Dancers, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts of all levels will realize significant benefits from the practice, including increased mobility, flexibility, stability, power, endurance, skill and neuromuscular communication. Come get a workout like you never imagined! Cost is $20 for members/$25 for non-members. Space is limited! Sign up today.
  • TRX at Tricycle Fitness
    TRX stands for “Total Body Resistance
    Exercise”. Developed by Navy SEALs, fitness enthusiasts from beginners to professional athletes have embraced it, and physical therapists prescribe it for injury rehabilitation. At Tricycle Fitness, our class sizes are small and our TRX instructors support students at all fitness and experience levels.

    Animal Flow Workshop
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