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We offer a balance of classes which focus on cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, as well as mindbody connection and flexibility. We encourage everyone to participate in all types of classes, both vigorous and intensive as well as restorative. We offer Boot Camp, Indoor Cycle, Rockin’ Core and Roll, TRX, Yoga and ZUMBA®. We limit our class sizes so each student receives personal attention and room to enjoy their workout. If you haven’t visited yet,
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  • Free Personal Training Assessment
    Schedule your free personal training assessment in our private Personal Training Studio, right next door to our Group Fitness Studio. Individuals or duos. Contact us at

    Free Personal Training Assessment

  • TRX at Tricycle Fitness
    TRX stands for “Total Body Resistance Exercise” and was developed by and for Navy Seals. TRX improves strength, balance and flexibility. We offer lots of types of TRX classes designed for all levels, beginners to experts. Come check us out.

    Outdoor Boot Camp at Maple Leaf Park

    Rockin’ Core and Roll
    The Rockin’ Core half of this class is designed to strengthen your core (abs, obliques, back, and glutes) with dynamic core exercises, to develop dynamic core strength and increase mobility through your full range of motion including rotation, flexion and extension. The Roll half of this class helps reduce knots and tightness in your muscles by using myofascial release techniques which will increase flexibility and mobility as well as reduced soreness and quicker recovery time from workouts.
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