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Group Fitness

We offer a wide range of classes including Boot Camp, Indoor Cycle, Pilates, TRX, Yoga and ZUMBA®. We limit our class sizes so each member receives personal attention and room to enjoy their workout. If you haven’t visited yet, please sign up for five classes for free. Offer good for new members only.

  • Day Classes at Tricycle Fitness
    8:30 am:
    Cycle-Fit with David on Tuesdays and Naomi on Thursdays
    Stretch and Sculpt with Anna on Wednesdays
    9:45 am:
    TRX Stretch and Sculpt with Sara on Mondays
    Vinyasa Yoga with Brenna on Tuesdays and Thursdays
    TRX with Kinya on Fridays
    Pilates with Melissa on Tuesdays and Thursdays
    Cycle/TRX with David on Wednesdays
    Deep Dynamic Yoga with Michael on Fridays
    Sign up online.

    Yoga Privates with Rebecca Salsman Rebecca believes our bodies tell a unique story, affected by our physical and emotional experience. Through an individualized approach to asana and pranayama (postures and breath work) her instruction promotes physical and energetic balance, bringing the body into a state of healing. Private sessions are a great way to build a stronger foundation, deepen understanding of alignment, or develop a gentle and safe re-entry to exercise after injury or disease. Email to schedule your free assessment.

    Free Personal Training Assessment
    Schedule your free personal training assessment in our dedicated Personal Training studio, right next door to our Group Fitness studio. Contact us at
    Personal Training Assessment
  • Spring Membership Special
    From now through April 30th, we’re offering a couple of amazing special membership rates: Sign up for a year of monthly unlimited classes
    in advance, and get 14 months for the price of 12! Sign up for 8 months of monthly unlimited classes in advance, and get 9 months for the price of 8! Sign up online.

    Introduction to Yogalates, Saturday May 2nd from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm
    Come join us for our special Introduction to Yogalates workshop. Yogalates is a blend of traditional Pilates mat and yoga. The workshop will begin with breathing and pranayama practice for a gentle warm up of joints and muscles. We will continue with various dynamic Pilates mat exercises. Next we will focus on stretch, balance and yoga. Then we’ll cool down with gentle stretching and relaxation. Finally, we’ll have a time of relaxation and a short meditation. Sign up online.

    TRX at Tricycle Fitness
    TRX stands for “Total Body Resistance
    Exercise”. Developed by Navy SEALs, fitness enthusiasts from beginners to professional athletes have embraced it, and physical therapists prescribe it for injury rehabilitation. At Tricycle Fitness, our class sizes are small and our TRX instructors support students at all fitness and experience levels.
    • TRX 45: Forty-five minutes of TRX strength training. Strengthen your body from head to toe while working your core and small stabilizing muscles.
    • Cycle 30 + 30 TRX Core: Thirty minutes of cycle intervals followed by thirty minutes of TRX core exercises. One of our most popular class formats.
    • TRX Tri-Fit: Our highest intensity TRX class. We alternate between short TRX strength exercises and cardio intervals for an all-in-one workout.
    • TRX Stretch and Sculpt: A low impact, moderate-intensity class designed to build strength and increase flexibility. This class moves more slowly than our other TRX classes and is great for beginners who have never tried TRX. Experienced participants can expect to focus on flexibility and strength.
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